marika's story

My name is Marika Lopez. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and I’m 18 years old. I started having absence seizures when I was 18 months old. Got diagnosed at 3 years old. I started taking 5mg of Clobazam everyday in the morning, as the years went by, my dosage went up to 20mg. I had seizures daily, then weekly, then annually. 5 years ago, I started having grand mal seizures, but luckily, those seizures are also controlled. February 2018, I started having focal aware seizures in school. I had 2 of them, 2 days apart.

Then May 2019, on my retreat I experienced a lot of auras and symptoms of seizures, which led to me having a focal aware seizure around 2am.  I am currently 15 months seizure free! I started spreading epilepsy awareness September of 2018 because I felt like enough was enough. I got tired of dealing with people joking about epilepsy. So I decided that I wanted to spread awareness, and help the epilepsy community by sharing my story and inspiring others to tell there's!