Mária's Story

I am Mária, 31 years old.

I have a nearly 6 year old son who completes my life.

I was diagnosed with generated idiopathic epilepsy with tonic-clonic seizures, mioclonus and absences when I was 12 years old, in March 2002. I have 80% degree of disability. In Slovakia, where I was born and grew up, the medication was very expensive at that time and the neurology was not really up to date. For years I felt like a guinea pig, because almost all the anticonvulsants were tried out on me and that's because of I spent almost all my teen years in hospitals. When I moved to Austria about 10 years ago, I got Keppra and Zonegran, which I still take today, but I'm still not seizurefree. In the meantime it turned out I am therapy resistant and I have psychogenic seizures and migraine, too. My son unfortunately inherited this disease from me. He had genereted epilepsy with absences, he gets Convulex and Petinimid so far. I'm unbelievably proud of him! He is beating this purple monster face to face day after day! He is a warrior!  At last but not least, let me say you something: I often had heard in my lifetime, I don't look like as someone who has this disease or "to beeing really ill", I'm just simulating and so on. But you know what? I don't care about! I've learned to ignore such stupid sayings and you need to do this, too! They are not you and they don't live your life! Beating epilepsy is sometimes like your worst dream ever came true, but it also has certain advantages, you will be more independent and more responsible towards yourself as the other ones. It's worth to fighting for! Remember: We fight for our lives every day in a way the world will never understand. As long as you will believe, hope and fight, you can only win!