lulu's story


My name is Lulu and I'm a epilepsy warrior and this is my story:

I've had seizures since birth but my symptoms didn't show up till I was twelve and I had to have special education classes and I was bullied for having it and I didn't have a lot of friends I struggled with being alone not including my family of course. In 8th grade that's when it showed up because I was in class and my teacher was taking pictures of the class for a lesson and I told her I was sensitive to flashing lights I went to a neurologist before all of this happened the meds weren't working as they are now. I was born in Colorado and lived there till I was six my parents said it was hard for my doctor's to capture anything when I got  MRI/EEG tests because the appointment was and hour away! I don't remember a lot. Then me and my family moved to VA 2001! That's when everything for me and my family I don't know much! But I can tell you this at least I was seizure free for 10yrs then that goal restarted because I took anxiety meds that caused the seizures.Yep 10 years is incredible until last August 2019  I had to restart  my goal now I've been 12month I forgot to add that to my story.And there is so much more if you want more infoI wanted to try to find accounts with people who have epilepsy and what there experiences were like and I found ur page.I have social anxiety issues. My Instagram account @smile17202.