kayla's story

Hey my name is Kayla Wilkins I’m 19 and from Texas. I first experienced a grandmal seizure when I was 6 and the EMS team that showed up to my home requested I get a neurologist to give me a MRI. I have had several neurologists and several MRIS, CAT Scans, and nothing shows up. I have been misdiagnosed with things like Narcolepsy, Startle Syndrome, and ADHD. At one point a neurologist tried to convince my mother I needed to be put in Special Education. (she disagreed knowing I’m not ADHD). 2019 was so hard for me from January-February. I had 5-7 grandmal seizures because my former neurologist took me off my medicine too fast. It happened again in December as I started to come off it again. I rely on Vimpat. & I just got diagnosed February 14, 2020 with Complex Partial Focal Epilepsy. I was 18 at the time and I felt such a huge relief knowing I would be helped. The FINAL sleep study I did where I was actually taken off my anti convulsants and tested. I had a grandmal seizure and she said “It is so weird Kayla. When you seize it doesn’t slowly grow, it just shows up completely. I’ve never seen something like it” it isn’t weird to me anymore that all of my former neurologists has a hard time understanding. They weren’t specialists in epilepsy. My new neurologist is. She says it is still something she’s not used to seeing but she’s helping a lot. Did I mention I’m disabled? Like I sit in a wheelchair because I have a fear of falling. I’m a YEAR free of injuries! No falls! As of July 6, 2020 at 11:00 PM!!! We celebrated. I’m grateful to this day that none of my falls or seizures caused me to need intensive care. Not all are blessed like I am and I will take advantage of what I am able to do to show others it is ok to be sad BUT DONT LET IT TAME YOU!