cody's story

Let it be known that I post a small part of my story out of a desire to help expand public knowledge of epilepsy. It's a problem that affects millions around the globe and can cause massive mood swings, depression, anxiety, and much more. To make matters worse the stigmas that surround epilepsy cause many people have to suffer in complete silence out of the fear of what others might think/say.

Up until 2008 everything was going great, I was as healthy as can be and was enjoying life as much as any child could. However, two days after thanksgiving, while my family and I sat down to play monopoly, suddenly, everything went black. One minute I'm laughing and joking with my brother, the next I'm waking up in the hospital watching my mom hold back tears.

I was waiting in the hospital for what felt like an eternity. Then, finally the neurologist came in and began to list off the tests he wanted to do. We did everything from an MRI and EEG to bloodwork and strength testing. Then, after ruling out a number of things through those tests, he began to talk thoroughly to my parents and I about seizures. He explained how the seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain and that the condition was called epilepsy.

While in high school I decided I would do anything to hide it, and that was a horrible plan that worked for me. Until finally, during my junior year I had a major seizure, tonic-clonic as it's called, right in the middle of a pep-rally. Suddenly every fear I had came rushing in when I woke up in front of all my classmates. While this is just one of my many stories, I will say that I sympathize with anyones who’s afraid of what people might say or think.

Living with epilepsy is a daily struggle, and always exhausting. For starters I've taken over 10,000 pills(two everyday)and have had to deal with all the side effects. HOWEVER, I am one of the luckiest people alive because now after everything my family and I have dealt with I can say that I haven't had a single seizure in almost two years!!