Chelsea's Story

I have had complex partial seizures my whole life. When I was around 6 months old, I was put on phenobarbital. My mom almost lost me due to the medication burning me from the inside out. They ended up saying that I grew out of my seizures. When I was in high-school I was constantly not feeling good.

Originally, I thought something was wrong with my stomach because I always felt nauseous. At the time my boyfriend's mom was a CNA and she saw me have a seizure. Thankfully she knew what was happening and told me I need to see the doctor ASAP. I truly believe she saved my life. The first doctor I saw told me I had IBS and prescribed me an anti-depressant, without telling me. So, I decided to see a different doctor and at the first visit I told him my symptoms, he said it was right out of the textbook, partial complex seizures. I got an MRI right away finding out that I have significant brain damage and was on the verge of being brain dead, proving my seizures never actually went away. 

Now, about 7 years later, I have been on the roller coaster ride of trying to control my seizures. I have had 3 brain surgeries and now have the RNS device, as well as taking medication. The RNS device was the best thing I could have done. I have gone from having around 600 seizures a month, to having about 100 a month. Even though roughly 100 seizures a month is a lot, I try to look at how much progress has been made.

It is a never-ending battle.