Carlos' Story

I had my first seizure on March 15, 2017, two weeks before my 20th birthday. What I once knew to be as "My Life" slowly melted through the palms of my hands. Weeks after being diagnosed with Epilepsy, I quit my job. Mostly due to not being able to face my coworkers after having a tonic clonic in front of them. Within months of being diagnosed with Epilepsy, I had lost 98% of my friends. I felt alone, I went to bed thinking "Why Me?", and I was in denial about my Epilepsy. My denial led me to think every seizure would be my last. My denial led me to think I would miraculously become cured. I faced darkness. Two and a half years go by and I have dug myself out of my darkness through a regiment of personal development. Two and a half years is special to me because at this point I'm in the middle of a shower and as I look at the showerhead, I say, "I have Epilepsy". I have worked for two and a half years to get to this point. Saying those three words unlocked my soul. I finally faced my disability. I couldn't feel the tears sliding down my face, but the emotion was there. I was finally free from my mental cage. I'm free, but there's still more to do. Throughout my journey with Epilepsy, my mom has been telling me to share my story through YouTube and I still haven't made the channel at this point...I needed an extra push...In the Summer of 2019, I came home with eight stitches in my left eyebrow and two black eyes after having a seizure trying to get out of the shower. My shower seizure became the catalyst for everything I've done thus far. I created YouTube channel dedicated to Epilepsy Awareness and a space where I talk about my experiences about Epilepsy, I created an Epilepsy Support Group with an amazing group of people who I see as my family, I am a part of weekly Epilepsy Foundation Support Group Meetings, and I recently finished a leadership conference for young adults with disabilities  I have met incredible people throughout this journey and I wouldn't take my Epilepsy back for the world. Remember this, my friend. Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth AND like a shark, you need to keep moving forward. If a shark moves back, it dies, if it stays stagnant, it dies. The shark always moves forward and that's what you need to do as a person with Epilepsy. I look forward to meeting you in the future. Make it a great day!