beth's story

My story

I’m aged 20, my Instagram is “@therealityofepilepsy” I want to share my story and raise awareness of epilepsy and show everyone there’s so much more to epilepsy than just seizures!

I was diagnosed at age 6 with photosensitive epilepsy, having tonic clonic cluster seizures here and there, I was put on epilipim after 1 year lamotrigine was added in and then at age 10 I stopped medication !

I remained seizure free up until I was 16 and was put back on lamotrigine. I had seizures throughout the last four years. In April 2019 I gained my driving licence and 8 weeks later  it was stolen from me from a seizure whilst my mum was fake tanning my back! I’m on topiramate, brivaracetam, clobazam and mirtazapine! Currently changing medication and only just at the age of 20 have I accepted the fact I have epilepsy and that it’s okay. Taking tablets everyday may be the reality for me for now and that’s okay.

I’m a key worker and have been working throughout the pandemic, I returned to work after having 3 weeks off due to epilepsy and very low mood and now  I want to support others where ever I can. I think epilepsy is very misunderstood and would love to educate others.